I’ve been creating digital content ever since I was seven years old. Working in the digital realm has always second nature to me.

Fast forward three decades; I’m involved in the following cool things at the moment:

raywenderlich.com – Tutorials for Developers and Gamers

I’ve been an Editor for this site since its early days in 2011; I work with the tutorial writers to keep their  the tutorial content fresh and sharp. I have also served as Editor and/or Co-Editor on six of the ultra-popular books we’ve released over the years:

iOS 7 by Tutorials

iOS 8 by Tutorials

iOS 9 by Tutorials

iOS Animations by Tutorials (first and second editions)

tvOS Apprentice

…and one upcoming book that’s still under wraps.

Contact me if you are looking for a technically competent editor, author, or writing coach who loves to make great things even better.

Trihedral Engineering Ltd – Programmer

At Trihedral we have almost thirty years of history building intuitive and robust industrial SCADA and telemetry solutions for a huge range of businesses, from water and wastewater, to transportation systems, to power generation, to broadcasting. I get to flex my real-time programming muscles as well as delve into my database programming and web services background from time to time.

Body Moment – Editor-in-Chief

I’ve been running Body Moment for almost five years now; what started as a simple blog to keep me accountable on my diet has turned into a full-blown affair with product reviews, evidence-based critical reviews of popular fitness products, and a lively audience that keeps me on my toes.

Contact me at Body Moment for anything to do with health, fitness, reviews or motivation.